About Bikes & Berries

Welcome bei Bikes & Berries and its two main branches:

We offer local artisanal food of high quality. We try to help you becoming independen of fossil fuels in your transports. .
Why artisanal food of local origin?
  • A contribution to the security of supply
  • Guarantees trust between customer and manufacturer through direct customer contact
  • Provides high quality through fast processing due to less transport of raw materials
  • Reduces (unnecessary) transport of products
  • Revenues remain in the region (e.g. through local taxes)
  • Facilitates recycling of packaging .
For transports, we can help with accessories for velomobiles Icon VM, special bicycles that enable fossil-free transports at a significantly greater distance and are safer and not dependent on the weather.
Our products make velomobiles even more suitable for everyday use. In addition, we offer repairs of special bikes such as cargo bikes or trikes (recumbent tricycles). We also advise on bicycle or velomobile issues.

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